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COVID-19 workplace risk assessment campaign is running in Cyprus

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Aug 07, 2020.

Thanks to our national focal point in Cyprus, businesses across the country are learning and being encouraged to use a tailored Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool to locate and manage COVID-19 related health risks and ensure safe and...

Laugh and learn with Napo to stay safe and healthy at work

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Aug 07, 2020.



Every time, he delivers the same: puts a wide smile on your face and gives you safety tips that stick in your mind. Whatever their age, Napo has an important lesson for anyone who enters his animated world of work, faced with safety issues.

Open calls for tenders to deliver analysis of ESENER findings

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Aug 06, 2020.


Image by Thom Sibent from Pixabay

We are launching two calls for tenders related to the outcomes of the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER) . The first one is about an overview report with analysis of the ESENER 2019 findings and the second one is about...

Stakeholders recognise EU-OSHA’s work for creating European added value

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Aug 05, 2020.



EU-OSHA’s 2020 stakeholders’ survey confirms a positive perception about the Agency’s contribution to occupational safety and health (OSH) risks awareness and solutions and to improved OSH in the workplace - (90% of the respondents).

85% of those surveyed agree that the Agency addresses the right priorities on OSH, and 87% consider that the work of EU-OSHA adds value to the work done by others, such as national organisations. 94% have used EU-OSHA’s work for at least one purpose.

Carcinogens at work: Info sheet now available in several languages

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Aug 04, 2020.


© EU OSHA / Gael Kerbaol

Cancer is estimated to be the leading cause of work-related deaths in the EU. A large proportion of cancers may be linked to exposure to carcinogens at work. EU-OSHA’s info sheet on carcinogens at work is now available in 16 languages. It provides...

Open call for tender: External prevention service, occupational medicine and consulting of occupational risk prevention

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 31, 2020.

The European Commission and the Joint Research Centre – Seville (JRC-SVQ) has launched a call for tender. The purpose is to establish an external prevention service with an accredited entity, to provide the contracting authority with the advice and...

Advice for employers on supporting workers with musculoskeletal disorders

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 30, 2020.


© Arpad Pinter / PIXELTASTER

A police officer, a receptionist and a podiatrist, each with a chronic musculoskeletal disorder (MSD), discuss their experiences in a study on the most widespread global health issue affecting workers.

They feature in a set of case studies examining the journey of returning to work or staying at work with a chronic MSD, such as pain in the back, neck, arms or legs. The report analysing the studies emphasises that valued employees with MSDs should continue to be seen as ‘assets, not problems’.

COVID-19 pandemic reinforces need to protect workers from exposure to biological agents

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 28, 2020.


Image by anjawbk from Pixabay

A new report summarising the findings of a major EU-OSHA project aims to raise awareness of workplace exposure to biological agents and provide crucial information for policy-makers.

Exposure to biological agents in the workplace is associated with numerous health problems, including infectious diseases and allergies. Even though a broad range of occupations is affected, there is a general lack of awareness of this issue.

Stop the pandemic: EU-OSHA action plan for healthy workplaces

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 27, 2020.



Under the tagline, ‘Healthy Workplaces Stop the Pandemic’  EU-OSHA has started an initiative to address the occupational health and safety challenges linked to the current pandemic, offering a range of workplace guidance on COVID-19.

Resources include: EU guidance to limit the spread of the virus and on preventive measures for a safe and healthy return to workplaces;  information on how to minimise exposure to biological agents; awareness-raising videos and a range of links to good practice material from EU and international organisations.

Health and safety of ageing workers: a priority for all

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 21, 2020.


© Cristina Vatielli

The challenge of an ageing and shrinking workforce is not new to Europe: by 2030, workers aged 55-64 are expected to make up 30 % or more of the workforce. Meanwhile, many workers leave the labour market well before reaching the pension age.

Sustainable solutions to ensure safe, healthy and fair conditions from the start of a person’s working life are key to halting this negative process and improving productivity in the long run.

Vulnerable workers and dangerous substances: Info sheet now available in several languages

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 16, 2020.


© EU OSHA / Panova Slavica

Workplace risk assessment and prevention measures for dangerous substances need to target groups of workers with specific needs and higher levels of risk. These groups include inexperienced or uninformed workers, such as young or temporary workers,...

Good reasons to subscribe to OSHmail

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 14, 2020.


Icons made by smalllikeart from

Whether you’re an occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioner, a researcher or simply passionate about the latest developments, EU policies and endeavours in the world of OSH, our newsletter is your best source of information.

It keeps you up to date with key OSH events around the world and EU-OSHA’s flagship awareness raising and research project activities, designed to help make workplaces safer and healthier for everyone.

Do you need more reasons to subscribe to OSHmail? Get it delivered monthly to your e-mail for free.  

Musculoskeletal disorders: Resources for group discussions in the workplace

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 07, 2020.



Two resource kits to tackle musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace are now available in many languages and can be used in combination.

The MSD conversation starters facilitate group discussions in the workplace or during training. The tool contains practical guidance to support effective communication about a musculoskeletal health problem between workers and their managers.

OSH in the spotlight for recruitment and retention in European Social Services sector

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 06, 2020.


Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash 

Social services sector is one of the fastest growing economic sectors. Nonetheless, many employers experience major difficulties in recruiting and retaining an appropriately trained and skilled workforce. The Federation of European Social Employers...

Open vacancy for OSH-interested: One-week study visit to CIOP-PIB Warsaw

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 05, 2020.


Photo by Aaron Burden via

The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) offers a one-week study visit at the Tech-Safe-Bio Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland in late September 2020. The recruitment is open for candidates interested in...

Germany hosts Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 July 2020

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jul 01, 2020.


Germany will hold the Presidency — one of the EU’s most important decision-making bodies — until 31 December 2020. It takes over from Croatia and is the first in a new 18-month Presidency trio, with Portugal and Slovenia.

The German Presidency aims to fight coronavirus and tackle the economic consequences of the pandemic without neglecting other important issues facing the EU. The overall goal is to ensure that Europe emerges from the crisis stronger and more resilient than ever.

Doclisboa announces its selection to run for the Healthy Workplaces Film Award 2020

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 30, 2020.

EU-OSHA’s new partnership with the Doclisboa documentary film festival is already bearing fruit despite the many challenges it faces due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A cinematic cycle dedicated to work includes a number of international films and will...

National OiRA COVID-19 tools prepare workplaces for the 'new normal'

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 29, 2020.



To keep employees safe and healthy in time of COVID-19, companies need to adjust their risk assessment processes. Designed with this purpose in mind, the recently released EU-OSHA COVID-19 tool has already been adapted to different languages and...

OSH awareness and OiRA training for businesses in Greece

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 26, 2020.


Image by Dimitri Houtteman from Unsplash

A hybrid onsite/online occupational safety and health (OSH) awareness workshop for small and medium enterprises in Greece takes place on 01 July in Athens. The purpose of the event is to highlight the importance and principles of OSH and its...

‘Work-related musculoskeletal disorders: prevalence, costs and demographics in the EU’ – now in more languages

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 25, 2020.

Why work-related MSDs are still so prevalent in Europe and what can be done to protect workers and businesses? Our recently published report provides an updated overview of the problem in the EU and looks into the causes and circumstances behind...

Swedish authorities to inspect personal protective equipment in healthcare and elderly care

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 24, 2020.


Photo by sacrifilippo via

The Swedish Work Environment Authority will inspect close to 300 workplaces in health care and elderly care to ensure that the protective equipment used meets the safety requirements and provides the protection that is intended. Personal protective...

EU-OSHA's offers a BMW Berlina for public sale

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 24, 2020.

EU-OSHA intends to sell, by auction, its BMW 320i Berlina vehicle with the following characteristics: 150 CV Petrol Metallic grey Registration date: 19/06/2006 Mileage (approx.): 23,603 km. The sale will be awarded to the highest economic offer,...

Belgium - Recognition of Covid-19 as an occupational disease extended to workers in essential services

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 23, 2020.


Photo by Engin Akyurt en Pixabay

Covid 19 is currently already recognised as an occupational disease for workers in the healthcare sector. This recognition is now extended to those who were active in one of the crucial sectors or services during containment, such as food store...

Managing musculoskeletal disorders in the healthcare sector

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 23, 2020.


© EU-OSHA /Adam Skrzypczak

Physically demanding work such as patient handling is a significant risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), making them a widespread concern among healthcare workers, with backache and upper limb pain as commonly reported problems. So how can we tackle MSDs in this sector?

Our discussion paper gives an overview of MSDs in healthcare workplaces, reviews the risk factors and discusses effective interventions to prevent, reduce and manage MSDs.

Changes in supply chains: challenges and opportunities for workplace safety and health

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 18, 2020.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The expansion of global trade in the last decades has lead to a growth of cross-national supply relationships. This has often been accompanied by a trend within Member States towards outsourcing in supply chains.

This discussion paper looks at the challenges and opportunities for workplace safety and health presented by recent and future changes in supply chain relationships. The authors give examples of good practice and discuss the way forward.

Forthcoming course on Nordic perspectives on work sciences

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 17, 2020.

An occupational safety and health (OSH) course organised by the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA) will focus on the development of multidisciplinary work sciences according to views represented by various...

Cyprus - risk assessments for a safe return to work after Covid-19

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 15, 2020.


Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

What the working environment will look like post the pandemic is in the agenda of a webinar organised by the Cypriot National Focal Point on 18 June. The purpose of this event is to update health and safety professionals, employers and workers on...

OSHwiki article highlights musculoskeletal disorders and prolonged static standing

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 15, 2020.

According to European statistics, one in five workers in the European Union spend most of their working time standing up. In the longer term, prolonged standing can cause fatigue, leg cramps and backache. An OSHWiki article places on the spot the...

Denmark - New website on endocrine disruptors provides lists

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 10, 2020.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency launches a new website, Endocrine Disruptor Lists, which lists endocrine disrupting substances and their legal status. The initiative is supported by several European countries, including Sweden. The...

Preventing work-related MSDs: lessons learned from research and good practice

By EU-OSHA from . Published on Jun 09, 2020.



A new report summarises the findings of EU-OSHA’s multiannual project exploring research, policy and practice on the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), aimed at supporting the development of strategies to tackle this highly prevalent occupational safety and health issue in Europe’s workplaces.