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International News

EU-OSHA introduces new dangerous substances database — check it out!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 20.07.2018.


Do you work with dangerous substances or manage people who do? Do you need more information on how to assess and manage the risks? If so, have a look at EU-OSHA’s comprehensive new database on practical tools and guidance on dangerous substances, with links to key resources and audiovisual tools from Member States, EU and beyond. It includes several new case studies created for the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign, which provide real-life examples of good practice in dealing with dangerous substances.

New EU Agencies clip shows our contribution to the EU

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 16.07.2018.

The EU Agencies Network has released a new clip to show citizens our role and contribution to improve the lives of everyone within the European Union. The slideshow provides an overview of all the EU agencies and a brief description of their field...

EU-OSHA joins the Vision Zero Global Campaign

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 12.07.2018.


EU-OSHA is a supporter of the Vision Zero Global Campaign and helping to spread the message that every accident, disease and harm at work is preventable if the right measures are put in place in good time. The Vision Zero approach to prevention integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work. Thanks to its flexibility, Vision Zero is beneficial to any workplace, enterprise or industry in all regions of the world.

Video on OiRA tools in Latvia available in English

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.07.2018.

Following the model of the EU ‘ Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps ’ video, the new clip for Latvia highlights safety and health risk assessment as the approach for the prevention of work related accidents and illnesses at the workplace.

EU-OSHA’s open call for tender: provision of ICT and web services

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 06.07.2018.

EU-OSHA has launched an open procedure to select a provider able to support the Agency within the process of developing a number of websites and web applications. The service provider should also be responsible for continuing to update and improve...

Cedefop identifies future trends and challenges on European labour market

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 05.07.2018.

EU Agency Cedefop has released a briefing note that provides comprehensive information on labour market trends and skills development across Europe in the near future. The document, which identifies trends and challenges, indicates that work...

EU-OSHA’s open call for tender: Supply of promotional material, storage and distribution

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 03.07.2018.

EU-OSHA has launched an open procedure to select a provider able to supply branded promotional material and executive gifts to be distributed to the Agency’s target audiences as part of its communication and campaigning activities and in various...

Improving working conditions of people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 02.07.2018.

EULAR (The European League Against Rheumatism) has released a position paper aimed at finding solutions for the consequences of inadequate working conditions of those EU citizens who suffer from rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). This...

Austria hosts the Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 July 2018

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 02.07.2018.


Austria’s ‘Green Presidency’ will promote sustainability and focus on three EU-wide areas: security and migration; securing prosperity and competitiveness through digitalisation; and stability in the neighbourhood countries. Also, negotiations on the amendment of the Carcinogens Directive are planned to be completed during its term.

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Call for support: International study on accessibility at the workplace

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.06.2018.

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) is conducting a comparative survey to identify best practices and suitable examples on improving the overall accessibility of workplaces, which reduces the need for specific workplace adaptations to enable...

OiRA offices tool included in Italian national legislation

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.06.2018.


Within the framework of EU-OSHA’s Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) activity, the OiRA offices tool has recently been integrated by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy into the national occupational safety and health legislation (articles 17 & 28 of

Upcoming course on occupational safety and health

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 28.06.2018.

‘eHealth Revolution and Changing Work’ is the theme of a course that will take place on 18th – 20th of September 2018 in Hanaholmen, Finland. The main topics to be discussed are whether digitalization is a solution or creating new problems in the...

More than 100 partners commit to the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 26.06.2018.


EU-OSHA is delighted to count again on such a high number of official campaign and media partners to join its 2018-19 campaign — Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances.

Their commitment to promoting the proactive management of dangerous substances at European workplaces will be a major building block for the success of the campaign, as it will provide plenty of networking and exchange of workplace good practice opportunities.

See the official campaign partners

European Parliament’s stance on employment policies taken on board by EU ministers

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 25.06.2018.

The European Parliament’s recommendations on active ageing, adequate income pensions, closing the gender pay gap and inclusion of people with disabilities, have been included in the EU employment strategy . The employment guidelines and the European...

How are psychosocial risks managed in Europe’s workplaces?

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 22.06.2018.


A new report details the findings of EU-OSHA’s latest ESENER-2 analysis, looking specifically at psychosocial risks. It reveals that management commitment and employee involvement are key to protecting Europe’s workers from such risks.

However, the national context also matters. A strong economy, good national occupational safety and health initiatives and cultural factors are all associated with higher levels of psychosocial risk management.

The report also considers the practical implications of these findings.

Eurofound’s new report on the impact of the digital revolution on work

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 20.06.2018.

New report by Eurofound reviews the history of the digital revolution to date, placing it in the context of other periods of marked technological advances and examining how technological change interacts with changes in institutions. The report...

EU-OSHA’s high-level conference focuses on next steps for safety and health in MSEs

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 19.06.2018.


Managing occupational safety and health (OSH) can be a big challenge for micro and small enterprises (MSEs).

What policies, programmes and tools are most effective to improve OSH in MSEs? And how can businesses be helped to make these work in practice?

EU-OSHA, with policy makers and social partners, provides answers at a high-level conference in Brussels, focusing on evidence-based recommendations from the most recent and wide-ranging MSE project reports.

Guidance on identifying endocrine disruptors

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.06.2018.

Logo of ECHA (European Agency of Chemicals)
Scientific criteria have been agreed to identify endocrine disruptors under the EU legislation for pesticides and biocides. The criteria for biocides apply from 7 June 2018. A drafting group consisting of scientific staff from ECHA and the European...

OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Groups at risk

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.06.2018.

Over the past few years, more workers could be considered as vulnerable workers due to the changing nature of work with an increasingly mobile workforce; an increase in short term work contracts, contracts and with more women entering the workforce...

Applications are invited for the 2nd edition of the Eusebio Rial González Innovation and Practice Award in Occupational Health Psychology

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.06.2018.

Dr. Eusebio Rial González
The European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP), in collaboration with EU-OSHA, has created this biennial award in honour of the contribution to occupational health psychology of Eusebio (Seb) Rial González. Seb was a founding member...

EU-OSHA’s Annual Report 2017 — Marking achievements and looking ahead to future goals

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.06.2018.


2017 was characterised by EU-OSHA’s constant commitment to improving occupational safety and health (OSH) throughout Europe.

EU nanomaterials website updated with two searchable databases

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.06.2018.

The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials ( EUON ) website has been updated with new information about nanomaterials within the EU regulatory framework, how they are used in different sectors, including food, medicine and environmental...

‘Living and working in Europe’ yearbook for 2017

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.06.2018.

The Eurofound’s ‘Living and working in Europe 2017’ yearbook provides a snapshot of the working lives, employment circumstances and living conditions of people in Europe in 2017. It describes trends and transitions in the areas of labour market...

European Parliament sets out measures against long-term work absence

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 12.06.2018.

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee has unanimously adopted a set of measures against long-term work absence. They believe the European Commission and Member States should work on in order to retain and reintegrate workers into the workplace...

Open vacancy: the European Institute for Gender Equality is looking for a new Director

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 08.06.2018.

The European Institute for Gender Equality ( EIGE ) is now accepting applications for the post of Director at the Agency’s premises in Vilnius. EIGE is an autonomous regulatory agency of the European Union, established to contribute to and...

The future of work: e-retail and performance-enhancing drugs pose new risks in Europe’s workplaces

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 07.06.2018.


Two new publications from EU-OSHA look at the occupational and safety risks emerging in Europe’s workplaces as a result of the rapid growth of e-retail and the increasing use of performance-enhancing drugs.

E-retail is fast paced and highly competitive, with a focus on efficiency and low costs. With this sector set to grow even more, the publication looks at the implications for worker well-being, highlighting the need for proactive management.

Shaping the future of human biomonitoring in Europe for healthy citizens

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 05.06.2018.

Under the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the international conference ‘ Human biomonitoring in Europe – science and policy for healthy citizens ’ is taking place in Vienna on 28 September 2018. Co-organised with the...

Open call for tender: Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills - supporting measures for the construction sector

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 01.06.2018.

The European Commission’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) has launched a call for tender to conclude a service contract for the development of selected European vocational modules on occupational health and safety (OSH) in the construction sector...

Posting of workers Directive: final vote reached by Parliament on improving working conditions

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 31.05.2018.

Workers posted temporarily to another EU country must get equal pay for equal work in the same place, under revised rules voted by the European Parliament on 29 May. The revised rules aim to ensure better protection for posted workers and fair...