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International News

How to use OiRA tools to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 16.09.2021.

Risk assessment is an essential first step in the prevention of occupational accidents and work-related health problems. To make this process easier, EU-OSHA developed OiRA — an Online Interactive Risk Assessment, which has been already in use since...

Covid-19 health impacts and recognition as a work-related health outcome

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.09.2021.


© Denis Jung

Health effects of Covid-19 on workers and in particular, Long Covid is the topic of a virtual event taking place on 27 September. EU-OSHA national focal points, EU Commission, institutions and social partner representatives gather online to discuss...

Prevention in the Connected Age: EU-OSHA takes part in World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2021

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.09.2021.


EU-OSHA joins more than 150 experts online from 20 to 23 September to discuss important topics related to occupational safety and health (OSH) via technical sessions, symposia, keynote speeches and more.

Delegates share knowledge on addressing long-standing OSH challenges, debate the implications of the changing world of work and explore ideas on advancing a culture of prevention.

Campaign partners come together to tackle MSDs in Social Services

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.09.2021.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are highly prevalent among the social care workforce in Europe, with nearly half of workers reporting suffering from backache or upper limb disorders.

Assessing work-related risks with OiRA: let the numbers speak

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.09.2021.



National OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the companies. Be up-to-date on which tools are soon to come! The recently published Power Point Presentation gives an overview of number...

Campaigning for healthy workplaces: follow our promotion calendar!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.09.2021.

Do you know that the Healthy Workplaces ‘Lighten the Load’ campaign is organised into a set of priority areas ? They are promoted through special communication actions and promotion packs along the two full year’s cycle of the campaign. This is a...

OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Psychosocial risk factors for MSDs and prevention

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 09.09.2021.


© EU-OSHA / David Tijero Osorio

Psychosocial risk factors are a significant cause of ill-health in many workplaces. As well as their adverse effect on mental well-being they can also contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The global COVID-19 pandemic is...

Stay safe in the classroom with OiRA tools

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 07.09.2021.



Teachers face psychosocial as well as physical risks, whether at pre-school, primary, secondary or university level. Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools are available to help identify hazards and the most suitable preventive actions...

Intensive risk assessment training with OiRA in Lithuania

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 03.09.2021.



Our Lithuanian focal point is organising three seminars on 8, 16 and 22 September to demonstrate how the Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) assess and manage work-related risks. The...

Film screenings highlight the issue of working conditions for temporary and migrant workers

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 02.09.2021.


© Denise Jans, from Unsplash

Two Heathy Workplaces Film Award screenings are being organised in Austria and Romania in September, both of which focus on key occupational safety and health (OSH) issues for seasonal, temporary and migrant workers. These groups are considered as...

Sedentary work: all the guidance and tools you need to prevent MSDs

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 26.08.2021.


© EU-OSHA - Reda Urbonaite

Looking for ways to increase movement at work, and reduce long periods of standing and sitting? A dedicated section of the Lighten the Load campaign website provides links to all the resources you need.

OSHwiki articles present key facts and guidance on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and prolonged sitting and standing, looking at who is most at risk and why workplace design is important.

What’s more, our easy-to-search database is packed with more than 130 videos, brochures and other practical resources, with useful information covering many sectors and home workers.

Latvia: assessing workplace risks, always up to date with OiRA

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 25.08.2021.

Earthworks and outdoor construction companies in Latvia can use the recently updated and tailored OiRA tools to manage occupational risks in their sectors. Thanks to our proactive OiRA partner - the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of...

Occupational Exposure to Carcinogens in Hospitals: Protection of Workers - International Online Seminar

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 24.08.2021.

Cancer is the leading cause of work-related deaths in Europe. Every year more than 120,000 workers are diagnosed with this disease due to occupational exposure to carcinogens. On 3 September 2021, the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs, and...

ENETOSH call for tender - web services

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 23.08.2021.

The European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) published a national call for tender for the provision of web services. The tender divides into two lots: - Lot 1: for the provision of a browser-based CMS, the...

Spotlight on health and safety in a Covid-19 world: HSR conference

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 18.08.2021.

Managing through the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working and environmental legislation for climate action are in the ambitious agenda of the HSR conference Health and Safety - New Dimensions in a Covid-19 World . The online event that takes place on...

Keeping retail workers safe and healthy with OiRA tools

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 17.08.2021.



Lifting heavy produce, prolonged standing and stacking shelves, dealing with customers … all take their toll on retail and wholesale workers. Ten Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools for this sector help employers, particularly in micro...

Static postures and MSDs: how prolonged sitting or standing at work can affect workers’ health

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 12.08.2021.


Our bodies need to move around to function well: avoiding static postures is important to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other health problems. Prolonged sitting and standing at work are the focus of two new reports on the health risks of sedentary work.

The reports look at which workers are most susceptible, what the guidelines are for sitting and standing at work and how employers can prevent risks and help workers increase their physical activity.

Napo is back to fight musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 11.08.2021.


Source: napofilm.net

Since 2007, when Napo introduced his Lighten the Load film to raise awareness about work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), the still high prevalence of this serious health problem in Europe, has inspired Napo to present 6 new video clips, once again full of humour and good advice.

OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Risk assessment and telework - checklist

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.08.2021.


Image by gomiche from Pixabay

Telework has potential advantages such as gain in time or less stress by not commuting, better work-life balance, increased autonomy, improved concentration and higher productivity. In contrast, home-based teleworking is also related to drawbacks...

Working with chronic musculoskeletal disorders info sheet - Language versions now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.08.2021.

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders are one of the most common chronic health conditions and they are becoming even more common as the workforce ages. Too often, chronic health conditions lead to an early exit from work. Still, many people with...

Traineeship programme - We are looking for enthusiastic graduates to join the Agency

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 04.08.2021.

EU-OSHA is organising a selection procedure for a six months paid traineeship (with a possibility for further extension). The traineeship programme, based in the Bilbao office and at the Agency’s Brussels Liaison Office, is addressed to university...

Body and hazard mapping in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders - language versions now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 02.08.2021.


© Pexels / Cottonbro

Identifying safety hazards during a workplace inspection is key, but finding out how work might be harming workers’ bodies is also essential. Body and hazard mapping are methods to address these issues and identify common patterns of safety hazards...

Healthy workers, thriving companies - a practical guide to wellbeing at work - language versions now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.07.2021.

Our "Healthy workers, thriving companies practical guide to wellbeing at work" presents a hands-on approach to preventing and managing work-related psychosocial risks and musculoskeletal disorders. European workers report these two issues as the...

Symposium: Prevention now more than ever — summary and recordings now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 23.07.2021.


© EU-OSHA/E. Moreno Esquivel

The high-level event attracted over 1,800 participants, connecting online from all over Europe and beyond. EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, together with EU-OSHA Executive Director Christa Sedlatschek, exchanged views on the new EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027, its key objectives and future implementation.

Digitalisation and its impact on musculoskeletal disorders

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 21.07.2021.


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Digitalisation has brought many changes to the nature and organisation of work — from where and when we do our jobs to the new technologies we use to perform them.

A new discussion paper looks at the effects of digitalisation and new forms of work in the context of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including exposure to biomechanical stressors and psychosocial risks.

It concludes that approaches to preventing and managing MSDs need to be continuously adapted to account for evolving digital technologies and organisational changes.

EU-OSHA cooperates with SLIC’s inspection campaign on MSDs

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 20.07.2021.


Photo by mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

In May, the outlines for the inspection campaign on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workforce were adopted when the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) gathered at the 79th Plenary Meeting. The SLIC working group for...

Commissioner Schmit shares views on the new Strategic Framework at EP EMPL Committee meeting

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 16.07.2021.

On 14 July, the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs held its last meeting before the summer break. As part of the agenda, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit participated in an exchange of views on the...

2020 targets met, helping to create safer and healthier workplaces for all

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 16.07.2021.


In an unprecedented year, EU-OSHA — with the help of its partners — exceeded key targets and delivered on its mission to improve occupational safety and health (OSH) across Europe.

The Agency’s 2020 consolidated annual activity report details how EU-OSHA responded effectively to the challenges posed by COVID-19, producing resources and keeping all stakeholders informed about safe and healthy working during the pandemic.

Assessing risks in the construction and maintenance sector: let OiRA tools do the work

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.07.2021.



Working in construction or maintenance involves a wide range of tasks, each requiring effective risk assessment. Whether manufacturing concrete (Bulgaria), carrying out earth works (Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria) or repairing a roof (Slovenia),...

Official Campaign Partners gathered to share best practice and initiatives

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.07.2021.

EU-OSHA and official campaign partners (OCPs) gathered at the online Healthy Workplaces Campaign Partner Good Practice Exchange event to share best practices and initiatives in 2021 and beyond, moving forward in the frame of the Healthy Workplaces...