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International News

ECHA launches call for expression of interest for OSH experts

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 22.05.2018.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is looking for occupational safety and health experts in the fields of occupational hygiene, chemical exposure assessment and socio-economic analysis. This call for expression of interest has been made in order...

New e-tool launched: start assessing and managing the risks of dangerous substances now

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 22.05.2018.


Among the multiple resources of the 2018-19 Healthy Workplaces campaign, the EU-OSHA e-tool on dangerous substances and chemical products aims to provide enterprises with the information and advice they need to assess and manage the related safety and health hazards. 

Alert and sentinel systems in OSH: workshop outcomes published

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 18.05.2018.


Within EU-OSHA’s overview project on work related diseases, the workshop on ‘Alert and sentinel systems for the identification of work-related diseases in the EU’ brought together leading experts and policy makers from across Europe to discuss the existing alert and sentinel approaches described in EU-OSHA’s review. Making use of these to improve sentinel surveillance at both member state and EU level, as well as the importance of cooperating and exchanging data within the EU was highlighted as well.

New edition of Cedefop’s Photo Award competition launched

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 17.05.2018.

The EU agency Cedefop has launched for the third consecutive year its photo competition #CedefopPhotoAward to showcase the vocational education and training (VET) experience and to raise its visibility across the EU and beyond. The theme of this...

New report by EU social partners from the maritime transport sector published

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 16.05.2018.

Within the framework of a joint project between the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), a new report on the EU maritime transport has been published. The report is the result of...

Napo in…dust at work – let’s manage occupational dust exposure!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 15.05.2018.


The Napo in… dust at work film shows some of the situations at the workplace where workers can be exposed to wood, metal, flour or other types of dust. In line with the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, this Napo film illustrates the importance of managing the exposure effectively in order to avoid ill health and injuries.

PEROSH paper on guidelines to measure sedentary work awarded

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 09.05.2018.

A group of researchers from the European researcher network PEROSH - our Healthy Workplaces Campaign partner - have been awarded for developing common guidelines to measure sedentary work consistently and to prevent health injuries. The scientific...

Let’s celebrate Europe Day on 9th May

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 09.05.2018.


Europe Day held on 9 May every year marks the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the historical start of what is now the European Union. This day also celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

Job satisfaction: evidence for impact on reducing psychosocial risks

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 08.05.2018.

An OSHwiki article examines the empirical evidence surrounding job satisfaction. It focuses on the factors that influence job satisfaction, including: organisational support, superiors, co-workers, and conditions to work. Outcome factors, at the...

Call for entries – Healthy Workplaces Film Award 2018

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 04.05.2018.


EU-OSHA continues to collaborate with the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig 2018), which takes place from 29 October to 4 November, presenting the Healthy Workplaces Film Award.

The Award honours the best documentary or animated film on work-related topics with a 5,000€ prize and the subtitling in a selection of European languages.

Final entry deadline to participate in DOK Leipzig 2018 is 7 July.

Call for entries to the Good Practice Awards 2018-19

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 02.05.2018.


EU-OSHA is now accepting applications for the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2018-19.

If you are making real and sustainable improvements to occupational safety and health (OSH) by managing dangerous substances, we want to know about it. The jury will be looking for real-life examples of innovative and effective OSH management and evidence of transferability to other workplaces.

A report on the impact of game changing technologies published by Eurofound

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 01.05.2018.

The report summarises the findings of five case studies on the potential impact of new game changing technologies in the manufacturing sector in Europe up to 2025. The technologies examined are advanced industrial robotics, industrial internet of...

EU Health Award for NGOs working to prevent tobacco use

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 30.04.2018.

With this award, the European Commission will highlight and reward outstanding initiatives of international, European, national or regional non-governmental bodies which have significantly contributed to prevent tobacco use within the EU population...

ICOH 2018 holds EU-OSHA-run session on EU roadmap on carcinogens

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.04.2018.


At the 32nd International Congress on Occupational Health ICOH 2018, which takes place in Dublin from 29 April to 04 May, EU-OSHA’s Director Dr Christa Sedlatschek gives a statement at a high-level session on preventing occupational cancer. EU-OSHA also runs the ‘Roadmap on carcinogens: EU and National Initiatives’ special session, together with the Netherlands Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The World OSH Day 2018 brings young workers’ safety and health into focus

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 27.04.2018.


This year on 28 April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, gives rise to a global campaign to improve the safety and health of young workers and end child labour.

Young people are one of the most vulnerable groups in the workplace as they have limited life and work experience. They are more likely to have serious accidents and to become victims of violence and harassment at work and their protection is on top of the EU agenda.

Factsheets on various carcinogens now available online

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 26.04.2018.

The roadmap on carcinogens published 10 ready-to-use factsheets on asbestos, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), vinyl chloride, chromium VI, hardwood dust, welding fumes, silica dust, diesel engine exhaust, and benzene. In the factsheets,...

Digitalisation and OSH: workshop summary now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 26.04.2018.


As part of EU-OSHA’s foresight project, a workshop on “New and emerging risks associated with ICT” with EU-OSHA’s Focal Points focused on the potential impact of digitalisation on occupational safety and health (OSH). The workshop consisted of a range of presentations, plenary discussions and group exercises based on four future scenarios that can be used as a tool to develop robust policies and strategies addressing the OSH challenges identified.

New ENETOSH report: The integration of safety and health into education

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 25.04.2018.

This report presents a detailed analysis of the ENETOSH good practice database, identifies guiding models of good practice, and highlights trends in integrating safety and health into education systems. The study has been published in the series of...

Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances: 2018-19 campaign officially launched!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 24.04.2018.


Dangerous substances continue to pose risks to the safety and health of Europe’s workers. Raising awareness of the need to eliminate exposure to these substances — and manage them where that’s not possible — is the focus of the new campaign Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances. The campaign is being launched at a press conference in Brussels on 24 April 2018 at 12.00.

Last reminder: Have your say!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 19.04.2018.


EU-OSHA wants to gather feedback on its activities and achieved results to increase the relevance of its work in the future. You can help us in this by completing a short questionnaire, which will take you no more than 15 minutes.

The survey is being carried out for EU-OSHA by the consortium of ICF and GfK. It can be completed in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Please tell us what you think about us. Click here to begin.

Dangerous substances: practical information in our updated thematic section

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 17.04.2018.


EU-OSHA’s updated website section provides essential information on dangerous substances at the workplace. It covers the main legislation, explains its principles and provides tips on how to manage dangerous substances at work.

It also includes sections on carcinogens, biological agents, and emerging risks – and provides many useful links to further information for workers and employers.

EU-OSHA calls on organisations to partner with the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.04.2018.


Managing dangerous substances in Europe’s workplaces is crucial to protecting workers, businesses and economies. But how can your organisation make a difference at the workplace level? And how will your organisation benefit from becoming a partner of EU-OSHA’s upcoming campaign on dangerous substances?

EU-OSHA along with previous and potential official campaign and media partners answered these questions at its campaign partnership meeting in Brussels on 20 March.

OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Health risks and prevention practices during handling of fumigated containers

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 12.04.2018.

Transport of goods by freight containers is used all over the world. They are frequently treated with chemicals that kill pests before shipping. The chemicals used are toxic not only to pests, but also to humans. More than 600 million container...

New report on the risks posed by fumigated shipping containers

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.04.2018.


A new report from EU-OSHA highlights the safety and health risks to workers in ports who come into contact with fumigated shipping containers. A key recommendation is to prioritise risk assessments before containers are opened and to enforce legislation on labelling of containers.

The report reviews the legislation and identifies gaps in the existing knowledge in this area. It also provides practical examples and preventive strategies to improve current practice and workers’ safety and health.

Further action from the Commission to better protect workers against occupational cancer

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 06.04.2018.

The Commission has proposed to limit workers' exposure to five cancer-causing chemicals, in addition to the 21 substances that have already been limited, or proposed to be limited, since the beginning of its mandate. Estimates show that today's...

OiRA helps manage safety and health risks in the road transport and restaurant sectors in France

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.03.2018.


A new OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) case study highlights partnerships, clear communication and incentives as key factors for a successful development and implementation of the tools for the French road transport and restaurant sectors.

Deal on better working conditions for posted workers reached by MEPs and Council

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 26.03.2018.

New EU rules to ensure better protection for posted workers and fair competition for companies have been informally agreed by the European Parliament and the Council. The possible agreement establishes the principle of equal pay work on the same...

ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Standard

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 21.03.2018.

ISO 45001 was launched worldwide on 12 March 2018. ISO 45001 is the first globally developed standard for health and safety management systems. It reflects current safety management trends and techniques and will eventually replace up to 24 national...

The launch of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019 is getting closer

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 21.03.2018.


Dangerous substances continue to be a major safety and health issue, affecting millions of workers across Europe. But the extent of this exposure and the associated risks are often underestimated or ignored.

EU-OSHA’s upcoming Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign challenges common misconceptions, raises awareness of the risks and disseminates good practice and resources for effective management of dangerous substances in the workplace.