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International News

Good musculoskeletal health at an early age: seminar summary now available

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 18.07.2019.

@Annie Spratt on Unsplash

EU-OSHA in collaboration with ENETOSH (European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health) organised a seminar addressing the issue of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among young people and workers. The seminar was organised in the framework of an OSH overview project on MSDs and with a view to the upcoming Healthy Workplaces campaign ‘Lighten the Load’, to start in October 2020.

We are looking for a Human Resources Officer (CA FG III)

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 15.07.2019.


Gerd Altmann via https://pixabay.com

EU-OSHA has a vacant position for a Human Resources Officer (CA FG III) to provide effective support and assistance to the Agency’s Resource and Service Centre in the Human Resources section. Deadline for applications is 16 August 2019 at 13.00,...

A memorable occasion — EU-OSHA marks its 25th anniversary with a special event

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 09.07.2019.


© EU-OSHA/Fernando Aramburu Garrido 

On 5 June, EU-OSHA hosted a gathering to mark 25 years of working together with its partners for a safer, healthier and more productive Europe.

There was a truly special atmosphere as EU-OSHA’s network came together for speeches and discussions, looking back at EU-OSHA’s history and forward to its future.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and made it such a special occasion.

Watch our highlight video about the event

New OSH indicator proposed for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 04.07.2019.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Labour Office (ILO) have developed a proposal for a new occupational safety and health (OSH) indicator for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ), relating to Goal 8: “...

The Presidency of the Council of the EU passes to Finland

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 01.07.2019.


From 1 July until 31 December 2019, Finland holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU. Working closely with Romania and Croatia, the other members of the current Presidency trio, it seeks to address a competitive and socially inclusive EU, promote action on climate change and protect the security of its citizens.

The Finnish Presidency supports the EU Roadmap on Carcinogens, and it plans to host a conference on preventing work-related cancer in November.

Improving OSH in the EU: European Commission publishes a new report on reprotoxic chemicals

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 27.06.2019.


 © EU-OSHA / Jim Holmes

The EU legislative framework sets out directives that address occupational exposure to Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic substances - Directive 98/24/EC (Chemical Agents Directive, CAD) and Directive 2004/37/EC (Carcinogens and Mutagens...

Innovative workplace risk assessment tool OiRA goes global

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 25.06.2019.


Agency staff with Daimler's health and safety representatives.

Though primarily intended for micro and small enterprises, multinational car manufacturer Daimler has developed and adapted a workplace risk assessment tool for company specific use on the basis of EU-OSHA’s OiRA. The OiRA platform was originally developed to provide EU-OSHA’s national partners (such as Ministries or Labour Inspectorates) with occupational safety and health risk assessment tools that are sector specific and tailored to national contexts.

‘Buy quiet’ helps companies to tackle noise hazards at work

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 24.06.2019.


© EU OSHA / Jim Holmes

Occupational noise can have major negative effects on health as it causes hearing damage and deafness, stress, poor productivity, and interferes with communication. A practical guide for buyers of machineries raises awareness of the risks related to...

ANSES draws attention to the health effects associated with the blue light of LEDs

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 20.06.2019.


photo: Daniel Condoleo via Pixabay.com

Recent updates by ANSES ( French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety ) on the health effects of LED lights indicate possible harmful implications arising from blue light. Exposure in the evening or at night,...

Director General of DG Employment addresses EU-OSHA staff and its network of focal points

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 17.06.2019.

On the day of EU-OSHA's 25th anniversary ceremony , 5 June 2019 in Bilbao, Joost Korte, Director General of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission, gave an inspiring speech to EU-OSHA’s network of focal points. He stated...

EU-OSHA Executive Director addresses occupational cancer in an interview with Euronews

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 17.06.2019.


In its latest episode of Real Economy Euronews explores the dangers of working environments in the European Union, with a focus on occupational cancer. The episode features an interview with EU-OSHA’s Executive Director Dr Christa Sedlatschek and a good practice example from the wood working industry.

Annual Report 2018: a year of collaboration, commitment and campaigning

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 14.06.2019.


The 2018 Annual report outlines how EU-OSHA pursued its goal of achieving safer and healthier workplaces in Europe. 

Significant milestones include the launch of the 2018‑19 Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, and the publications of the project on safety and health in micro and small enterprises and the foresight project on new and emerging risk posed by digitalisation. The findings from these projects will inform policy-making and inspire a future Healthy Workplaces Campaign.

Eurofound Webinar: Flexible working in the digital age - Is everyone a winner?

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 07.06.2019.


photo by Gerd Altmann via https://pixabay.com

On 13 June, Eurofound hosts a webinar on flexible working in the digital age focused on its latest research findings on the growing number of ICT-based mobile workers, or workers who are not tied to a particular work location as they use a tablet,...

We are looking for a Quality Management Officer (AST4)

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 07.06.2019.


Gerd Altmann via https://pixabay.com

EU-OSHA has a vacancy position for a Quality Management Officer (AST4) in the Networking Secretariat. The jobholder will provide support in coordination and quality assurance of the Agency’s programming work, the preparation of planning and...

Upcoming courses on occupational safety and health

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 06.06.2019.

The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA) offers some very interesting courses in occupational safety and health that will take place in the autumn. We would like to draw your attention on the selection below but on...

Paying tribute to 25 years of EU-OSHA and its network of partners

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 05.06.2019.


© EU-OSHA / Fernando Aramburu Garrido

EU-OSHA and its extensive network of partners come together in Bilbao on 5 June to celebrate working successfully together over the past 25 years for a safe and healthy Europe.

Speeches and two panel discussions give attendees the chance to reflect on EU-OSHA’s first 25 years — from its founding to the creation of pan-European partnerships — and on the future challenges for occupational safety and health in Europe.

Foresight seminar in Romania addresses work-related changes associated with digitalisation

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 04.06.2019.


photo: Narcis Ciocan via pixabay.com

Romania joins the list of countries that held a dissemination workshop on the findings of EU-OSHA’s Foresight project on new and emerging occupational safety and health (OSH) risks associated with digitalisation by 2025 . National safety and health...

FR - ANSES launches public consultation on OEL for dust

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.05.2019.

The French French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety ANSES has launched a public consultation, open until the 13th of July 2019 , on draft recommendations for "dust without specific effects" (OELs). The aim of this...

World No Tobacco Day: say no to smoking and protect your lung health

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 29.05.2019.



Every year, 31 May draws attention to the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure. The World No Tobacco Day aims to discourage the use of tobacco in any form and to call individuals, the public and governments to take action to promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

Test your OSH knowledge with our 25th anniversary quiz!

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 23.05.2019.


EU-OSHA’s celebration of our 25th anniversary welcomes a new feature, a special quiz related to occupational safety and health (OSH). 12 questions take you through the Agency's flagship actions and deliver informative facts on work-related issues.  

If you have been following our news, the challenge should not be too difficult. Discover how much you know - take the quiz now!

The future roles of big data and artificial intelligence in Europe’s workplaces

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 15.05.2019.


photo: Gerd Altmann via pixabay.com

The use of big data, combined with machine learning technology, is becoming more common in Europe’s workplaces. Two new Foresight discussion papers review the benefits and potential risks of using such digital developments on health and safety at the workplace. The first article, on the use of Big Data for inspection efficiency, deals with the targeting of occupational safety and health (OSH) inspections.

New reports focused on working conditions published by Eurofound

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 13.05.2019.

Eurofound's new report Working conditions and workers' health examines the interplay between work demands – which carry an increased risk of exhaustion – and work resources – which support workers in greater engagement and well-being. Another report...

ILO published a report on Safety and Health and the Future of Work

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 10.05.2019.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) launched a global report highlighting the evolution of safety and health. The report touches upon the changes in work arrangements, technology (digitalisation and ICT, platform work, automation and...

OSHwiki article in the spotlight

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 09.05.2019.


©EU-OSHA/David Tijero Osorio

Accidents, deaths and health problems at work: the costs for Europe Each year, work-related accidents result in long periods of absence from work, and even death. Furthermore, a significant proportion of Europe’s working population suffers from one...

14th ETUC Congress aspires for a fairer Europe for workers

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 08.05.2019.

From 21 to 24 May, over 600 national trade union delegates and special guests from Europe and beyond seek fairer opportunities for workers at the 14 th Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) in Vienna, Austria. On the ground of...

Europe Day opens the doors of EU institutions for celebration

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 08.05.2019.


© EU-OSHA / Europe Day in Bilbao, 2018


Every year on 9 May, Europe celebrates the idea of the harmony of European citizens in peace and unity, first presented by Robert Schuman in his now historic speech in Paris back in 1950. His vision has over the years evolved into a society of common values called the European Union.

Environment-friendly offices for sustainable workplaces

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 07.05.2019.


photo: rawpixel via pixabay.com

EU-OSHA promotes green initiatives to support the creation of healthier and more sustainable workplaces. The Agency has already implemented many actions within its premises, such as using energy-efficient electrical appliances, waste recycling, eco-...

ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety: a survey launched

By EU-OSHA from . Published on 06.05.2019.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) launches a survey on the use of ISO 45001 - the global standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The aim of the survey is to collect users’ experiences which will serve...